Newsletter for Parents 26th May

Dear Parents and Caregivers

We are now well into a very busy and very short term! M3 are currently learning about how to be entrepreneurs by looking at natural resources and economics. We look forward to fundraising for an important cause nearer the end of the term.

M3 are now experienced bloggers. You may have heard about our website I have found that the use of these blogs has enriched learning and importantly I have seen huge increases in the student’s reading ages and literacy skills. Blogging encourages the students to be reflective learners and also provides a means to share learning with families, the community and the world. We have recently developed relationships with classes from around the globe and will be getting to know these kids better as the year goes on.

It has been brought to my attention that some people may be concerned with the ‘quality’ of this published work. There will be spelling and punctuation errors as blogging is an instant form of writing. It is more about getting ideas down than being concerned with the surface features. Therefore I do not change any of these errors. The more the children blog the more likely they are to consider how their work appears to others and will begin to think about spelling and puctuation. The purpose is to share ideas and learning.

We have also had 1000 hits on our blog! This means that over 1000 people from around the world have looked at our blog. As part of the celebration of this learning we are going to have a shared lunch on Friday 30th May. I would appreciate it if you could provide a plate. We are now working at getting 2000 hits (and are moving that way quickly) by writing about our learning as much as possible.

Please support our blog by encouraging friends and family to view your child’s blog and keep updated on classroom happenings.


Kind regards

Erin Freeman



I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday! I have been planning our term 2 unit. I am very excited about what we are going to learn about next term. There will be a prize for the person who blogs the most during the rest of the holidays. Please remember to get your 'making a difference' blog underway!

Happy Holiday!

Mrs Freeman


Good morning M3!

Good morning guys!


My course has not quite started yet but I am looking foward to learning lots of new things! I am keeping an eye out on posts today -- so make sure you post something for me to read!

 Mrs Freeman Wink


Room 25

We are very lucky to have our special online buddy class "Room 25" commenting on our blogs. We now need to make sure we have plenty of writing on our blogs for them to comment on! Please choose one piece of writing to publish on your blog!

Mrs Freeman


Community Project

In M3 at the moment we are learning about Rules, Rights and Responsibilities. We are creating our own pretend community. We all have jobs and characters we are going to be playing. Mary made an awesome plasticine model of her character Mandy Smith who is  17 years old and the local farmer. Check it out!


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