Collaborative Dance Video

Thank you to the awesome Allanah K who put all the videos together! What an awesome final result!


on  November 11, 2008  at  6:23 PM

i really liked it
on  November 16, 2008  at  2:39 PM

Wow guys looking good hope u having fun in class room because i am what u guys up to why did u get filmed ?
J.M from Mrs Mcghie's class
on  December 1, 2008  at  3:38 PM

wow guys i like your video it is cool and i hope you can come and visert my class's blog to bye.
on  March 23, 2009  at  6:51 PM

This really makes me think about how the world is small and THIS IS THE 21st CENTURY. But it's also very cool to see many school all connected together in this video.
on  March 23, 2009  at  7:13 PM

Wow it's good dancing so i love it.
I think the dance is good.
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Katy Gartside
on  November 6, 2010  at  12:29 PM


Wow! I LOVE your collaborative dance video. It looked like everyone had a lot of fun making their clips, and congratulations to Allanah K for putting it together - great job! How did you get started connecting to all those schools? Who had the idea for it to be dance?

I teach 5th grade in NYC, and would love to start something like this with them!



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on  December 22, 2010  at  6:55 PM

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on  March 24, 2011  at  7:52 PM

This is really good to get relax after taking class. I mean dancing really fresh your mind.

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on  December 4, 2011  at  6:46 PM

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Natalie Lyle
on  June 8, 2012  at  6:39 AM

wown what a great idea:) Keep on dancing

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