our win in basketball

On friday we played basketball and we won 46-42 against kaipoi north I got five goals so I got ten points.Callum my brother got 36 points we could of won by more but our dribbler brock a bone in his hand his name is ben.So me and michell had to dribbil.


last week we beat ohoka the best team I got tow goals but it is hard for me because I am playing against year 7 & 8 teams and I am a year six but it is to easy in the lower grade.And we have a reliver at the momen't miss Morrow shes cool and I am having fun Smile .

The house in hamner

The house in hamner was cool it had a sleepout a trapalone a swing set.The first night for dinner we had pies pizza chips and stuff and the second night we had fish n chips.

The dairy

At the dairy in hamner me and ryan went and bored 6 zombie chews and a 2 doaller lollie bag it was yum but callum got 3 bottles of fizzey and a bag of chips and a box of shapes.And Michel got 3 bottles of fizzy a box of shapes a bag of chips and pack of biscutes and callum achule had 4 bottles of fizzy.

At the pools in hamner

At the pools in hamner this man was taking picures and have took one of us I went down the water slide 21 times and the hot were so warm and when katie was walking to the pool she slipt over and cried and callum did to but has got big markes on his back.

Channel X

In a minute I am going to channel X to get some dvds for hamner.


Jacks house

In the weekend I went to jacks house it was fun jacks brother henry eats crackers with choclate on them.

At the park

At the across the road from my house on the basketball court there is lots of glass so I can't play basketball.I think some are ones that have been throwing glass and I have seen the girls before.


I have nothing to do it is so boaring just sitting around doing nothing but we go to hamner tommorow so that won't be boaring well I hope.

Our score in friday night basketball

In the first game the score was 26-22 and we losed I got four goals in our second game we won 20-14 I scored one goal.In the first game we played kaipoi borough in the second game we played fernside.
About me
Hi my name is Alex I play rugby and basketball my favourite food is pizza.
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