At twilights i didn't do that wellFrown I came second to last in long distance running. I saw lots of my friends from my rugby team last winter. They go to another school though. I am proud that i even got into the twilights.Smile



Next wednesday we are going to camp. We are doing air rifling, archery, rock climbing and there is a huge water slide. We are going to woodend camp. I can't wait!


On monday there were cricket tryouts, I got into the team. We have been having practice since I got into the team. Our game is on next monday, I am really excited!!



In our class we are learning about globalization, this is my definition  about it.

Globalization is  a threat that will not only affect one country it will affect the world. There's different categories like, economical, enviromental and cultral. 



Coulple of days ago it hailed really really hard. It's been bad weather since that, so we haven't been able to go outside for that much.

Athletics day!!!

on thursday last week we had athletics. I got into twilights for long distance running. I am excited!!

My voicethread.


Lorax production

Our syndicate is doing the lorax production. It is really cool. Our class is doing the hummingfish part. I really want to get a part for the hummingfish. There is only 12 hummingfish. We are designing costumes for the hummingfish, it is fun.


Last week on saturday we tied in a game of rugby. The score was 15-15. It was a really good game.

The Flood!!!!!

Last week on thursday the flood happened! It was cool because in the morning  we went to the school to see if it was on but it wasn't. So we went around rangiora to look at the rivers. When we went over the ashley bridge it was really high It was nearly overflowing. Then we neaded to go grocery shopping in kaipoi, the water was about 30 centimetres away from going over the road. W went over to the waimakiriri bridge  it wasn't that full, but it was only the old one. The new waimakiriri bridge was really high though. After that we went home and just played around at home.
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