I thought you betta know...........

It was my birthday on thursday and i am now 11. We had the party on saturday-sunday so we partyed all weekend. I invited to people called Steph and Lizzie and we went to Orana park for 5 hours. We saw monkeys, cheetahs, lions, tigers, limas and more animals than you could imagine.  Then we came home had fish'n'chips for dinner and watched a couple of movies. After that we went to sleep but then again it's a sleepover so maybe not lol.

Fabulous Flood!!!!!!

A little while ago it flooded and we didn't get it too bad but we had to spend the day home. We live on a farm and we had to chase the chicks around the property just so we could get them inside to keep warm, We had to also get boards up above the mud for the pigs not to sink down DOWN DOWN into the mud. And the sheep needed to get to dry land as well. So we were working pretty hard-out. We had a huge puddle nearly hip deep in our yard and jazmin (our dog) just loved it she went crazy. So thats all i have to tell you 'bout the flood.

So now it Snows

This is the second time this year that it has snowed which is very uncommen for our part of the country. The snow has been going for over 2 hours and it still hasn't set on the ground which is so anoughing and frustraiting. But it is still freezing cold outside.

Jazz Exams

I do jazz and this will be a really important exam because if i pass this i move to the next level which is really fun but it is hard to pass so i have to practice heaps. I find doing jazz lots of fun and i really enjoy it. The teacher is really fun and always makes us laugh when we do something wrong because she explains what we were supposed to do and then we get the funniest demonstrasion but the good thing is that it is worthwhile. I have been dancing different sorts of dances since i was about 3-4 because my family are the dance and music sortWink

Art After School

After school i go to art and it is not just your normel art it works with water colours which are a special type of paint and it makes your painting much much smoother. When you paint with the water colours it's hard to amke the paint stay in one spot because it tends to mix in with the other colours which is anoughing but i have to live with it. It is really fun and i think more people should start to paint with water colours because some of the prize winning paintings are painted with water colour.Wink

When I'm Older I Want To Be A.............

 All of these jobs have to do with animals!

--Farmer: Because i want to work with the animals and i find farming quite fun because we have a farm at home and i really enjoy it.

--Vet:  Because i want to be able to help the animals and try my best to make them live instead of going and making all the family sad that they belonged to.

--Dog Trainer: Because i have a golden albrador who is a rat bag and i taught her the basics because we tried a dog trainer but she couldn't train her because Jazz just sat down with her back turned(the trainer didn't like it)

--Zoo Keeper: Because i would also like to work with animals that you can't buy in your everyday store and it would be fun taking the feed out every breakfast, lunch & dinner time and you would get to learn what some of the animals eat.

And most of the jobs that include animals because i really like to work with them 


Class Book

We were reading Peter and the Starcatchers and that was a cool book but this term we are reading Percy Jackson and the lighting theif. It is about a boy who's father is a greek god who is pysiden(he is one of the gods who is not supposed to have children) and all of a sudden after 11-12 years needs his help because haidis (the evil underground god) stole one of the gods biggest lighting bolt which he uses and is blaming Percy's Dad. But with the help of Anna-Beth(her mother is Athena) and grover(a Sater) They retrieve the bolt and return it before the fight of their lifetime will begin.


We have reading groups and i really enjoy reading because it is one of the subjects i find easy because i enjoy it so much and it makes me feel like i am shut out from the world while everyone else is throwing tanties and so on. I am in the highest reading groups and i really dont know why we are called the 'Yellows' It seems terribly weird to me. When we do reading we have a chart to show what we are going to do on the days up to Thursday. It will show what day we go to the  teacher and what day we get to do our R.A (response activity) The R.A is when the teacher will give us something to do about the story we are reading and then we hand it into the teacher to be marked and the rest of the days we get to do thing like silent read, quiz card etcWink


We are learning algebra and i find the patterns easy but when you have to learn about the different meanings of the shapes like these it is hard to remember <=> Because when you have been learning them for a while you have got it sussed but when you miss it out for one year you forget everything and its like you are starting back at school again and you can't take it all in at once because it goes in one ear some of the knowledge stays in and the rest out the other.Undecided

School Council

At school we have this thing called school council. Most likely most schools have it and know what it is and if you do this part is not for you. School council is something we do when we are at the lower middle and over which is up two the seniors. The lower middle is years 3-4. What we do is the class elects two people who stood up and wanted to be picked and then the people make a speech to prove they are worthy enough to make the school council. The the people who are chosen go to a meeting every second week on a tuesday and they discuss with other classes idea for fundraisng and for the needs of the class then we make a desicion for whats going to happen and  thats what happens.


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