Maui's fish(Megans vershion)

Long ago a young boy named maui was born.But when he was out he had a  weird thing around his neck,it was a necklace with a hook around it.When Mawui was nine or ten he was jealous because this sisters always went fishing and court lots fish for his mama and papa.So at the break of dawn maui hid in the bottom of the waka and when his sister were out at sea he poked up and did a hand stand that push over the boat and were drowning but they swam and tackled the fish and catched them that  way .Then there was a giant woosh It was a sting ray and a matie one to .Mauis sisters were tried and puft so mauri took his hookand dug it into the rays heart.That night Mauis family had a big feast and was never hungry that day on.





Our Bird feeders

yesterday our class and J7 and J5  made bird feeders.Th reason why we are doing Bird feeders?

We and some other classes are learning about sustaineablity.Sustanablity is about about you give a little and get a little.

How Did we make the bird feeders?

We  choes one person from each class

Got and plastic bottle and string

Mrs Viek cut the bottom of the bottle and gave us the bottom half of the bottle

Then we cut a tringle flap for the birds to sit on.

Made holes on plastic bottle for string to go through

Added bird seed and cearel for birds to eat.

then put string through the holes.

then hanged on long baboo stinks

then..... wow a bird feeder





Hi Guys

How is it going in M3 hope u guys are behaving in our class we are doing lots of teeball it is a lot of fun i scored 3 home run cool aye  at the momment at Laras for a sleep over it was mint and fun we stayed up to 9.30 at night and played in her swimming pool at the back of Laras house

What I what to be when I grow up

When i'm older I want to be an aceoligist.Your probily thinking what is an arecoligist ,well an areoligist is a  person how digs up dinosaurs and studys them.your probily thinking that sounds boring well in some cases yes but as soon as some one spot a dinosaur it will be really exciting finding out what it is and stuff like that also you are probly thinking if your a girl "I carn't do that I will get dirty and drubby but you can also be a areloigist were u sit  in a room (like an office) and talk about your discovoy and what you have found

 So I hope I have put an idea In your head and are really intresed if you have any questions please comment and I might anser ok bye


Our New Neibours

In our street  there was a sign of a house for sale and my family were longing to find out how our new neibours are.Just letting you now all of our street is oldily people.So we were really excited to find out that our new neibours there familly had kids.The next day we were about to go to the shops and the new boy from across the road said'I  I'm Ben.Then we said to him that after we went out to the shops he could come to our house and so he did we had lots of fun watched movies and played on our skateboards Then he wanted me to come to his house and because he is only four he sounded really cute so I went to his house and found out  he had a sister named  Courtney and she was ...10 just like me.Cool

Today with Mrs Webb

Today we had a student teacher because our other one Mrs freeman was away.Buy the way mrs webb is really awesome she is the best student teacher I have ever had,At the momment she is having a baby,So as I was Right,So at maths time we did stuff for the lorax like the cotume and stuff,after morning tea we read a book and we did some hockey with Mr Mclay my team won and I scored all the scores 2/1 and GO ME!!!Cool

Then after that we got our fruit for ffw (fruit fitness and water)

then we did some puzzles

After lunch we read half a book becuse we had to go to lorax rehercel.

After that we did more puzzles and we got jelly beans for all the correct ansers we got

I didn't get chosen onceFrown

So thatwas my day Bye



Let it sleet on Sunday,

Monday let it snow,

Let the mist on Tuesday ,

from the salt sea flow,

Let in hail on Wendesday,

Thursday let it rain,

Let the wind on Friday blow a hurricane,

But all day Saturday break fair and fine but all day Saturday let the sunshine

By Megan and Tarryn


What I'm listning to now

At the momment I am listing to Loyal by Dave Dobbyn It is A great song a he is a great singer It was one of my wishs vist him.It would be so cool.He puts a lot of effort into each song.In the backround there is a lot of rythem and beat and thats why I like this song.

Here below you will find the lyrics for the song:

I can't remember last time I thanked you,
Keeping my distance unintentionally.
Too close for comfort, just ain't close enough.
If I could have more time we would brainstorm.
And I love you tender, but we must walk away,
Keeping you on my greeting card file.
And if it were different - did you know it ain't?
Let's get on with it love

And call me Loyal- I'll say you're Loyal too.
I know you're Loyal- I feel you're Loyal truth,
Call me Loyal- I'll hold you Loyal too
And we are Loyal, keep it that way...

Keep it that way girl...

Out in the battle, flung far and used.
Where does allegiance lie?
Sometimes when all of your hopes, and all of your dreams,
Are too much to value in one moment.
And all of us anxious, but why hurry love?
History's here and now.
Oh and why are you waiting - waiting for what?
The history of some love?

And call me Loyal- I'll say you're Loyal too.
I know you're Loyal- I feel you're Loyal truth,
Call me Loyal- I'll hold you Loyal too
And we are Loyal, keep it that way...

And we are loyal - haven't you known me long enough girl?
If I could see your heart right now,
Maybe there'd be a change or two.

And call me Loyal- I'll say you're Loyal too.
I know you're Loyal- I feel you're Loyal truth,
Call me Loyal- I'll hold you Loyal too
And we are Loyal, keep it that way...

Loyal! - I will say you're Loyal too.
I know you're Loyal - I will feel you're Loyal truth
And call me Loyal - I will hold you Loyal too
And we are Loyal, keep it that way baby...

Keep it that way baby,
Keep it that way now!

I hope you listen to the song and like it the I do


Our speech Challenge

In our syindacite we are doing speechs.The speechs have to be about Making a diffrence to our world.My speech is about Pollution and the horrible smell pollution makes.Thats what we are doing in our class. Also at the momment ehave Mr Henderson.Mr Henderson I really intersting he like syince






My nightmare

I heard a scream from up stairs.Mum I yell,then flat silants, I ran up stairs about half way I triped on my shoe lace quickly I done them up then above me was a 5 foot man caring a sake.I swear the sake had something that  was moving in it then I heard a help scott.It was my mum she was squeming leave her alone I yell never said the man and bared right through me I chased him but it was to late he had shove her in his old red ford and dive off.The next day I had a apontment with the police.They said they will find him and put him into jail.Thank god but the only thing is I am a orafan now I had 1 day to pack my belongs and head off to this orfaning I have never heard of before.The next day I got into the car and went to and

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