My new DVD

Well i recently got a new DVD called Mamma Mia! And its a really good movie! I hae only watched once. You ust watch Mamma Mia its about a girl who dosent know who her dad is and ends up finding him in the end!




Scary videos that make you scream!!!

SurprisedWell i was on youtube and i foung this video called "The scary maze game" all there is, is a maze and then a scary looking girl pops up and screams real loud its so freaky!!! Also theres this other one called bubblwrap where u pop the bubbles and then the same freaky looking girl pops up and screams!!!Also theres the ghost car!




There's this new website i found called photobucket. You can join and share your images with the rest of the world and also search for images! 


Rainy thursday....

Well on thursday it was very cold and it was rainnig! It was awful. So we had to stay inside all day and watch Racing Stripes and we also had to make part of our lorax costumes by making mask things by paper mache.


Monkey gone missing in christchurch!!!

Well at Willow Bank wildlife reserve a monkey known as "Minty" has gone out wondering out of his cage and is missing! Miny was last seen on wednesday. Minty would respond to monkey noises but should not be approached. Hopes that Minty would return to her home, family and food had dimmed. "It's not like trying to find a horse or trying to find a sheep or something like that. They're up trees or inside bushes. They're just so mobile."


The new lunchtime

In school we have changed our Lunchtime way, like before we had to sit outside in the playground but now we have to sit inside which is actually good! Mrs Freeeman checks our lunchboxes before we go and we are not allowed to share food.







Her (Valerie Vili) shot put gold medal, which was as emphatic as Vili herself, gave New Zealand two gold medals, a silver and a bronze. The Evers-Swindell twins won the other gold as they successfully defended their double sculls Olympic wreath from Athens in 2004 by .01 of a second.

It was also the first time New Zealand has won five medals in a day and leaped the country to 14th on the medal table.

Vili tries to make a statement with her first throw to intimidate her opponents and last night her opening effort was simply magnificent, arcing through the air and endangering the judges as it flew to 20.56m - the best throw of her life on the day she needed it most.

It was New Zealand's first track and field gold medal at the Olympics since John Walker's 1500m triumph in 1976 at Montreal.Vili grew confident as throw upon throw sailed past the 20m mark. After her second (20.40m) she delivered a double first pump and after the third (20.26m) she turned to the crowd and gestured as if to say "look at me".

Between throws, Vili sat quietly in a chair as far removed from the action as possible, reacting only when second Belarussian Natalie Mikhnevich recorded 20.28m. Vili followed with throws of 20.40m and 20.26m and was delighted with her consistency.

In contrast, Ostapchuk was shaking her head in frustration and disappointment as she couldn't get the 4kg ball past 19m. She only just made the halfway cut after which the top-eight got three more throws.

While Vili's fourth throw was just 20m, no-one else was making headway until Ostapchuk finally approached her best effort with 19.86m at the second-last attempt to move into third.

To set matters straight, Vili came out with another big effort of 20.52m and was revelling in her work.

At just 23, Vili has the chance to join the greats of New Zealand Olympic history by pressing on for another gold in London in 2012. And it could be that the Evers-Swindells do the same.

The gold medal win coupled with two bronze medals: to a courageous Mahe Drysdale, who collapsed and fainted with dehydration and exhaustion after his single sculls, and to men's pair George Bridgewater and Nathan Twaddle.

The Evers-Swindells had to endure an excruciating wait immediately after a spectacular finish before judges declared they had won by the almost impossible margin of just 0.01s. Written off because of their poor lead-up results, the Evers-Swindells came with a sustained finish over the last 500m to nail the unheralded German pair Annekatrina Thiele and Christiane Huth with literally their last stroke.



The olympics!!!

In the olympics the New Zealand team are doing good. Mahe Drysdale came 1st in his heats for sculling but in his semi finals he came 3rd which was a big shock but hopefully he gets a medal! Emma Twigg came 4th i think or 3rd in the womans skulling. Also in the olympics a athlete from Hungary who did weight lifting dropped 148kg weight lifting bar on hisback and dislocated his shoulder. And on the opening of the olympic games there was a little girl singing asong in a red dress well she was actually singing that she was lip syncing. The real girl who sang the was a 7 year old, the olympic organisation people said she was not pretty enough to sing in the olympic games. So the selected a 9 year old girl to do it who they thought was "better looking" then the other girl.

The Olympic Mufti Day!

Cool♥On Friday the whole school had an olympic mufti day! We had to dress up as an olympic star, I dressed up as Marina Eracovic a tennis player. I bought along my blue and white tennis racket to school. There were 4 kids in the class that dressed up as tennis stars- Bailey, Brooke & Natasha B. We also had kids dress up as gymnasts, runners, commentators & Equistreans.

Mathletics all day!

Today all we did was live mathletics. We versed people from all over Australasia and did times tables, Adittion & subtraction. The highest score i got was 41.
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♥♥ Bonjour, my name is Millie. I am 10 years old and i luv Miley cyrus. I am obsessed with reading books and eating sushi in the sun! ♥♥ I luv the radio!

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