to m3

hi m3 its tash i hope you are all having good holidays if you did not know i am not at rbs any more hi mrs freeman i am finding it real hard  because you arnt around any more i hope i see you again hi libby,lindsey,jess,tayla,mary and amy miss you lots and i am going to be in a year 6-7 class because i am bright but i hope you all keep up the good work i hope i will see you around i will never forget m3 good bye


hi my name is natasha and i am 10 years old i love my teacher her name is mrs freeman she is the best teacher ever.I love dogs and cats i am a nice girl and my best friends are libby and Jessica so if you what more about me say it and i will do it!!!!

Lorax Part 2


tash the butterfly girl

the girl in the back round is a girl like me i made her up its called my wild self what we had to do was make us wild i have bloned hair and hazel eyes i love to go on the computer and post and commet miss w nicley asked me to make a post on our wild self so thank you miss w...

our school

our school is the best school ever and i love the new people that come to our school our teacher is the best teacher you could ever wish for she dose cool stuff with us and she loves going on the computer we all go on mathletics and learn some stuff and we all love helping other people.thank you for reading!!!!

My friends




alex r

mrs freeman


















cool stuff about me.

Hi my name is m3Natashah but in class I get called Tash.On my blog it says funky Tash because I am funky and I get called Tash.M3 is is the best class ever say hi to new people and go to cool funky Jess she is my best friend.thank you for reading!!!!!!


luke in our class left us was very sad and we are all missing the funny nice and wishing he didnt leave we all miss the smiles he gave us and the way he laughed he will always be a part of m3Smile

our job.

In our class we have jobs me,Jess and Tayla are in the legal team we all have fun in our teams we call peoples mums and dads to see were they got there resipes and we are going to get a call from someone and ask if we can use some resipes so we can put them in our resipe book... thank you for reading thisSmile

nealy the end of the tearm.

Today is Tuesday and three days to go we are all working real hard.Luke is leaving our class witch is very sad we all want him to stay but he will still get to talk yo us on his blog.
About me
heyy pplz im tash and im just the ruler of the kwl pplz hehehehhe jk lol cya
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