At Kathys

Hello every-body! i am staying with my dads god mother in grey mouth for one week we have been going swimming  I am learning  how to swim there so i can go in the deep end but i need a pair of snoor clears and in July I am going to the GOLD COAST with her it will be the first time i go in a plane we are going during school time with Dorathey and her nine  year old daughter sophie

Going On Camp Tommoro...

Hello every body I am going on woodend cristin camp tommoro and I am very excited about it we are aloud to do activitys like Rock Climbing and go-cart racing and stuff like that! last year I went to waipra camp and I got to do Hobo stove cooking I can't wait!LaughingSmileWink


My Voicethread code


My reaport on gold

Gold is a natural resource that is found in New Zealand.It is dug out of the ground with a driller.Gold is a stone that is worth a lot of money.It has been around ever since is used for mommy-coffin's and jewellery.Gold is a yellow dark shiney couler.It is a very heavy goid bar most workers have to wear steal -cap boots becuase it might break there foot or toe.Gold is used for jewellery and mommy-coffins, the mommy-coffins are molded with gold but some of it is not gold.Gold is a stone that is worth a lot of money but it deppends on the size of it the size of a gold-bar woul probably be about 1000 dolars and a gold nugget would be about 100,00 dolars.And it is famous for making people rich.It is some times dug out of the ground with a pick-axe by men or with machinery.There for gold is one of New Zealands natural resorces because New Zealand is one of the popualar places to find gold.



At school

The school working loudly through the day scaring all the creatures away.


The God's


The gods sitting silently from day to day up in heaven watching us injoying our lives.


Back to School !!!

Oh my gosh! I thought that going back to school
would be a fantastic thing. But....
I was up-set becuase I could not go to my other blog called  m3 kids making a differance so if you want to viset it just click on m3 kids makeing a differance O.k

In kumara (In the holiday's)

Yesterday I went up to kumara and we wet through authers-pass on the way there are steep hills and they realy make your guts drop any way my aunty paea picked just me up to go to Kumara but last time I got car sick! so when aunty Piea picked me up she said to me have 'ya' got your bucket unkase that accident (car sick)happens agian! but mum said Tamika dosen't get car sick aunty Piea said yes she dose she said guess who I am and pretended to be sick and Mum luaghed! and I hope who ever is readind this had a fun holiday to!!!

My argument

Dear mayor Jenkins,
I recon that cars should not be banned from Pohotukawa island.Firstly we could have one car per family that way then we would have roads for at least something.
like if the path was muddy or it was raining we could drive to work or if you are running late for a meeting .Scooters that run by moters wouldent be a bad idea!
yours sincerly

Beating mrs day!!!!

SurprisedToday we just got informed that my class (m3) has to beat my delightfull teachers mum  on our blog so we got a bit of a shocking look on our faces.m3 my class is in lead it is  sort of a tie.
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