My Voicethread!!!


The Lorax Part 2...

At school today we done the dress rehearsal and tonight we have the real concert!!! I am so excited! I am the humming fish and I am going to dance. The costumes have all these scales and we have big goggley eyes, It looks so cool. Its is only a gold coin donation each so if you are around the Rangiora town hall you should comeWink. By the way if you don't know what the lorax is it is a story about sustainability and lots of different characters. Bye for now!

Today at school!!!

Today at school we did no work we just done mathletics and blogging. I decided to do mathletics and blogging because for the whole day yesturday we did mathletics and that was fun so today I decided to do a little bit of both. I hope we do this next week because it is maths week. 

Speech competitons.

Today at school we had a speech competition and I was in it. We had to do the speech on how we could make a difference to the world. At the end I found out that I was in the top 5-6. It was really scary but I had to get used to it. Mr Sutton our principal judged on our expresion and how clear it was and if it made sense.

Today at school.

Today at school I had rugby training and I found out I was full back. Next week we are playing a game againest woodend and we are going by bus. I hope we win and then the week after we are playing another game againest woodend and they are coming to us. I hope we win that game and then we can show them that we are good at rugby.

Parent interviews......

Today at school we are having parent interviews so we finished school at 2 o'clock. My dad is having his interview at 6 and I want to go but he won't let me. My teacher I hope will say good things about me and how I am working my hardest. Parent Interviews are were parents go to the class and talk to the teachers about our goals and the teachers say if they have had the appropiate manners and have followed the rules and worked hard enough. I hope my parent interview will go alright!!!!!

The Lorax....

At school we are doing a Lorax production and M3 are the humming fish and we are also creating the oncelers shop and the gluping gulp. Some people are auditioning to play the lorax and the onceler. At the moment M3 are designing the humming fishes costumes and we are also designing the gluping gulp. M3 have seen the lorax movie heaps of times so we can get the picture of what the movie is about. Also in M3 we disgusted what the theme of the movie is and the theme is sustainability.


What happened at school today.

Today at school we had a inside lunch and I watched Narnia, it was very boring but still cool. I was mostly reading at lunch time because I love to read!!! Today I also felt like I had learnt heaps because I got 24 marks in my algabra test which made me feel great!!!! I also found out that I only got 14 marks in my first algabra test so I made a big difference.

Yesturday at school!!!!!

Yesturday at school Mrs freeman brought in her little puppy. It was so cute!!!!!Its name is Jackson.He did pee twice in the class and he also done a poo!! We had the puppy for the whole afternoon.Mrs freeman has had the puppy for nearlly a week so it is tiny.Mrs freeman also has another dog called morgan and it has three legs. POOR THING!!!!!!!!!!


In the holidays!!!!!

Hello everybody I am having a good holiday and a little bored. I haven't been inside all holidays which is good!!!!!! I can't wait till school starts it is so exciting!!!!!!! I hope you all are also having good holidays. 
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My name is Tayla I am from New Zealand and I am a big fan of HANNAH MONTANA. I have heaps of her stuff. My favourite food is SUSHI. My favourite sport is netball and in my spare time I love to sing Hannah Montana songs. When I grow up I want to live in Australia.
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