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We are a New Zealand class of Year 5 and 6 students. We love to learn new things. Please visit our individual blogs to see everything we are learning about!

School has ended for the year and the students from M3 will all be in different classes. We thank you for your support this year as we began our blogging journey and shared our learning with you.  Smile


Third of all species could be wiped out by 2100?!


What do you think about this article reported by 3 News? What needs to happen to ensure these species survive?


Lorax Pics

Finally! I have managed to make a slideshow of all our Lorax Pictures. You will see photos of our messy classroom during all our preparation which included creating hlemuts using paper mache, painting machine props and sewing our costumes. Then we have some backstage photos, followed by pics taken from the side of the stage.

A special thank you to our photographers Brooke, Tash and Reece - you guys have some real talent!


Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Back to Normality!

So...the production is finally over - stay tuned for some pics of how things went down. We had so much fun creating costumes, dances and props for our production 'The Lorax'. Everything went really well and we are all so proud of ourselves. That explains why our blog has been a bit bare for the last few weeks! We have one week left of school and we have lots of work to get done including a new competition. Please follow this link for your first challenge M3 http://wyatt67.edublogs.org/



Happy blogging M3!

Please record your thoughts on how our production went below :)


Northern Outlook Again!

Look at us -- in the newspaper again!



Kiwis for Kenya update

Wow M3 -- lots of wonderful new letters to check out on the wiki. Here is an example from one of our penpals:


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