Athletics Day

defaultToday was Athletics Day at Rangiora Borough School. It is usually my favourite school event for the year but the weather was miserable today and the event that I run- High Jump - had to be postponed for safety reasons. I was really impressed with the behaviour of everyone considering the conditions - especially you - M3!

So, M3 how was your day? Who placed where? What was your favourite event and why? Who was the winning house group?




Fabulous Flood!!!!!!

A little while ago it flooded and we didn't get it too bad but we had to spend the day home. We live on a farm and we had to chase the chicks around the property just so we could get them inside to keep warm, We had to also get boards up above the mud for the pigs not to sink down DOWN DOWN into the mud. And the sheep needed to get to dry land as well. So we were working pretty hard-out. We had a huge puddle nearly hip deep in our yard and jazmin (our dog) just loved it she went crazy. So thats all i have to tell you 'bout the flood.
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