Homework Term 3

Homework for term 3 will be the same every week.

  • You are required to read for 20 minutes every night and record this either as blog entries or on your reading log once a week.
  • You must complete at least one unit of work on Mathletics every week.

You may be asked to complete class work that you have not finished. Occasionally you will be set a task to complete that complements the classroom programme. There will be 'optional' homework set every week for those of you who wish to complete it.

Homework Wk 9 Term 2

There is no homework this week as M3 are very very busy during the day with their Recipe Book Company and need the rest at home!

Mrs Freeman 


Homework Term 2 Week 7 Due Date: 23 June

  • Read for 20 minutes every night and record in your reading log
  • Review goals -- have you achieved these? What do you need to do if you haven't?
  • Play a numeracy game with your family
  • Collect four favourite family recipes (try your grandparents!): a main meal, dessert or sweet treat, healthy lunch idea and light meal or snack. Remember to find out where the recipe comes from :)

Homework Term 2 Week 4 Due date: 13th June

  • Read for 20 minutes a night. Record in reading log
  • Choose from the following:
  • Design, bake and market a new food/recipe
  • Make a model/ diorama/ or creation of your natural resource
  • Create a new species of animal. Include: habitat, description, food etc
  • Design a new invention including a labelled diagram and description
  • Make a poster or slideshow of your favourite book

Homework Term 2 Week 2 Due Date: 23rd May

Homework Term 2 Week 2                     Due Date: 23rd May
  • Read for 20 minutes every night and record on reading log
  • Keep practising basic facts using flash cards
  • Learn spelling words
  • Complete a presentation about a country or city (from our blog or wiki Clustermaps). This may be online using word or PowerPoint other tool, or in paper form e.g. A3 paper, booklet. You will be sharing this with the class so do your very best work!
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